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Top 6 Restaurants in Fayetteville NC

Top 6 Restaurants in Fayetteville NC  Hosting one of the biggest army bases in the US, Fayetteville attracts a large number of people every year. With all the people visiting it every year, this mid-size city located in North Carolina needs more exciting restaurants as compared to what other cities might require. With so many restaurants around, this city is full of surprise. Whether you are looking for Cuban food, African food, a microberry, you can find it all in Fayetteville, NC. Here are the top 6 restaurants in this North Carolina hotspot.

1.Sherefe restaurant  Having a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere, the Sherefe restaurant is the perfect place for Turkish, Greek, and Mediterranean cuisine. The food is not only fresh but also tastes top notch. Their salads are probably the best in Fayetteville and their gyros are just amazing. If you want to have a taste of everything you can start out with Mediterranean delight such as thick slices of tomatoes, homemade hummus feta, seared tuna, kalamata, falafel, dolma and tzatziki with piuta bread. However, do not leave this place without trying out Sultans Delight for dessert or baklava.

2.Habana Cuban restaurant  When you first step into this restaurant, your dining experience will start immediately. While the menu may look brief, on a closer look, you will realize that it’s full of delicious Cuban options that you can choose. While on the sandwich list there are two types of rightly famous Cuban, if you move further down you’ll find lots of rich spicy foods such as Lechon asado and the shrimp creole. More so, the tasty meals and the Buena Vista Social club will convince you that you are really in sunny Cuba.

3.Huske Hardware House  When it comes to dining in Fayetteville NC, This is the ideal place for chilling with great food and bear. Although it has a great menu what they really feature is their pub fare. Here, you’ll find Bubble and Squeak, Battered Fish and Chips, Bangers and Mash. No matter what meal you order do not forget one of their delicious craft beers and sweet potatoes fries.

4.Hilltop House Restaurant  Situated in the beautifully renovated house, Hilltop restaurant immediately welcomes you even before you have look at the menu. Their food choices include different southern searches such as cheese, seafood maraccona, fried green tomatoes, and artfully presented grits and shrimps. If you are looking for fancier options, there are a variety of lobster dishes, steaks and cheese platters full of European imports. As a matter of fact, there is no better place for a night out in Fayetteville than the Hilltop restaurant.

5.Elizabeth Pizza Italian Restaurant  Although this is a low key family-friendly restaurant, everything here is great. From truffle oil Bruschetta to mushroom to their traditional pizza, there is everything you need to enjoy here. You can order a couple of slices with some garlic knots. You can also order your favorite dessert and coffee drink.

6.Taste of West Africa   High quality, inexpensive and exciting, Taste of West Africa can only be described as a true gem. If you are looking for real culinary adventure with good food preparation and culinary combination, this should be your first stop. Taste of West Africa has some of the best meat choices such as goat, oxtail, guinea fowl and other vegan options. While options such as meat pies might look familiar, others like Banku ke Keena are only or the brave. This restaurant also gives you a rare chance to try out something new. However, you won’t regret the choice that you make.

7.El Aguila Azteca  This restaurant’s décor is just the same as what you’ll find at any Mexican restaurant. Having cheap plastic menus, a few ornate sombreros, and padded vinyl seats, the only difference is the food. From the moment you get three tasty salasas to and hot chips the flavor taste will arrive immediately. The mole is decadent and rich, the meat is juicy and the enchiladas and tacos are prepared with homemade tortillas. Do not forget about the delicious mexicolas and horchata.

8.Shalimar Tandoor Grill and Bar  At this restaurant, it’s all about lunch buffet. While most people love to stay away from buffets, this is an authentic Indian buffet with everything very fresh and juicy. You can try out the Chicken Tikka Masala, Goat Biryani, and the Lamb Seekh Kebab. Apart from their samosas, their lemon rice is amazing as a side meal. This is a good restaurant for dining in Fayetteville NC.


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