Amazing Party Places To Visit At Night Time

Fayetteville NC is a truly unique place in the world. There is American history all around it. It is located next to the largest military installation in the world. Fort Bragg, NC is home of the Airborne and Special Forces. It is rumored to have an elite group of fighting men called Delta. Nobody knows for sure other than the members themselves where the elite compound is located.

Fayetteville and Fort Bragg have a long history of not mixing well together. The local Fayetteville government knows that Fort Bragg brings a few billion dollars in money spent to Fayetteville, but the local people do not take well to the soldier lifestyle.

Fayetteville has some really neat Night Life Attractions. Let’s start with Paddy’s Irish Pub. This is one of the places that are very small, yet plays live music every weekend night. They have a small stage and a small band plays every Friday and Saturday night. Paddys is known for the weekend brawls that happen there. Every weekend night at least one person thinks that he can take on eight bouncers.

Another popular place for people to go to is Huske Hardware House. Huske was at one time a Hardware Store. Huske Hardware is now Fayetteville’s 1st Veteran owned microbrewery. Huske Hardware has endured some great times and some not so great times like the Federal sequester period.  That really hurt the local downtown area. Yet it still stands.

If you are looking for a relaxing dinner and nice glass of wine then you are looking for a restaurant called Sherefe.  This is Medertarian food at it’s best. Soft live music in a 5-star building, located in the historic downtown Fayetteville region. Easy parking and great times can be had at this location.

After dinner, many people go to the local escape room located around the corner. The best escape room is called Xscape Factor.

They have 4 escape rooms and also two mobile tents that they go to different locations and do the “Pop Up” idea. The local population absolutely love them Even on Trip advisor they were listed as a must visit.

Fayetteville is one of the crazy places that you have to travel a little bit. In the city, there are a lot of little things to do, but they are very spread out. We hope you enjoyed our pics of things to do in the evening. Please leave your comments and we will respond with our suggestions.

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