Fancy Restaurants For Special Occasions In Fayetteville NC

Fancy Restaurants For Special Occasions In Fayetteville NC


Whether you are meeting up with friends, holding a family gathering, corporate meeting or just dining out, Fayetteville is a great choice for an unforgettable dining experience. Fayetteville boasts of numerous great restaurants which are committed to making your dining experience memorable. One of the best restaurants to hold a special occasion in a modest and relaxed environment is the Tap House Restaurant.  The Tap House  The Tap House is located on Hay Street in Fayetteville. It was opened in 2012 and is owned and operated by several military veterans. The military veterans operating the Tap House are the same brains behind Huske Hardware which is located next door. The atmosphere at the Tap House, however, is different from that of Huske Hardware since it’s a separate entity that exists to offer residents and visitors a fresh and clean dining experience.

The Tap House has a revitalized take on the cafeteria concept to ensure that people of all backgrounds, preferences and ages find something they like.  The Tap House offers full service group dining, party dining, casual dining, take out or any other special dining occasion you may desire. The staff here are committed to offer excellent services where high-quality food is offered in a clean and friendly environment.  The Tap House is especially popular with special occasions on weekends, but pretty much all the times. While enjoying delicious food in their warm and comfortable atmosphere, you will always feel like you belong here.

The Tap House Menu

The Tap House features an extensive food menu that marries well with beer. They offer an expansive selection of beers which includes seasonal ales, stouts and porters. From daily fresh seafood, scratch made pasta dishes to hand-cut steaks, the Tap House has a lot to offer its customers. Every meal on the menu is freshly made and virtually all foods are glutton-free. Tap House menu delights the eye and the palette as well.

Tap House Specialties

The Tap House offers daily food and drink specials for you and your loved ones. They also have weekly specials which include the tapped out ground beef burger, half- price wings, Tap House burger wrap, buffalo-chicken sandwich and a special breakfast palate.  Tap House’s daily special Kegs and Eggs breakfast menu is offered at any time of the day. You can order eggs and request for sausages, bacon, waffles, harsh browns or fries to be added for that additional charge.

Tap House special breakfast comes with a serving of French toast. Orders for a special breakfast include grilled sausage patties, different styled eggs served with harsh browns, smoked bacon and many other tasty combinations.  Chicken and waffle plate is another special meal that satisfies those who like their meal sweet and salty. Hot waffles at Tap House are served with strips of fried chicken which is usually crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.

Tap House burger is a grilled patty which comes with a choice of lettuce, cheese, sliced red onion and tomato. For a unique taste, customers can add other extras like beef patty or fried eggs.

Tap House Popular Dishes  According to Tap House general manager, Donna Stephen, the most popular dishes here are the Tap House burger, Philly cheese steak and their boneless buffalo wrap. Though most items on the Tap House menu have many fans, these are the most popular sandwiches. All sandwiches at the Tap House come with a choice of one side.

The most popular appetizers at the Tap House are deep fried mac, chicken cordon bites, pretzel bites chicken cordon wings. Once you have a taste of Tap House appetizers, you can’t wait to be served with a full-course meal.   Hospitality and Great Service at the Trap House  The Trap House is something of an anomaly in the Fayetteville dining scene. The good service and food offered at the restaurant has made it a great destination for special occasions and everyday dining. The Tap House is popular among locals and has grown to become a preferred choice for visitors.

To succeed in a market that is dominated by fast food restaurants, it has taken more than the delicious dishes on their menu. The hospitality at the Trap House is unrivalled. The management has built a family where everything from the staff to the environment and food is inviting.

Dine at the Trap House  The atmosphere at the Tap House is relaxed and friendly. The restaurant features a game room, bar and outdoor patio. Their menu features comfort food which uniquely complements their different beers.

Once you step into the Trap House, the first things you notice are a pleasant fragrance and an inviting environment. It feels like home. It may not be your home but it surely feels like one.

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  1. Thank you for sharing about the restaurants in Fayetteville. We plan to visit soon, my son is stationed on Fort Bragg. I look forward to dinning there.

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